Aleppo Pine

Pinus halepensis

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The specific name is due to the ancient Syrian city of Aleppo.

It has its origin in the Mediterranean region.

As a tree of 20 m in height, it is the least robust of the Pines. An ash grey coloured bark that cracks with age and
turns a reddish brown colour. It has a rounded and irregular crown. Acicular leaves form in groups of two,
measure from 6 to 15 cm and are very thin and flexible in texture with almost flat scales. The small cones produce
small and winged pine nuts. It blooms in Spring. The pineapples ripen at the end of the summer of the second

It prefers limey soils, and withstands droughts and frosts.

The bark is rich in tannins and was used to dye fishing nets and ropes. The wood is of mediocre quality and is used
in rough constructions, such as packaging boxes, poles and a part of train tracks.

You can find them in Genoves Park, Avda de Duque de Nájera, Plaza de Mina.

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