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Species native to Madagascar.

The Pandano is an exotic perennial tree, which can reach a height of 3 to 7 meters. With a straight, smooth trunk, branched at the top forming a pyramidal cup, with the stems noticeably covered by the ring marks of the old leaves and with numerous roots that arise from the base, which serve as support.

Its long leaves emerge erect and ascending, arranged in a spiral, grouped towards the apex of the stems, they are rigid, light green in color, with reddish ascending thorns.
The male inflorescence is a branched, pendulous spadix with numerous fragrant flowers. The solitary female inflorescence, long pedunculated and hanging.
In its place of origin, the leaves are used for roofing houses and for the production of ropes, baskets and nets. They are also used to make paper.

It is a very ornamental tree, cultivated in tropical and subtropical areas, supporting the saline coastal winds. In temperate climate zones, young plants are grown in pots as indoor plants.

In the city of Cádiz we can enjoy this unique tree in isolated specimens in Parque Genovés, Parque Celestino Mutis, Parque de los Cinco Continentes and in Plaza Ana Orantes.

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