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Ficus microcarpa

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The name of the genus, Ficus, is the Latin word for the Roman name of the fig tree belonging also to this genus, apparently derived from the Greek name sycon. Its common name owes to its lustrous and leathery leaves that resemble those of the laurel.

Native from South and Southeast Asia to Australia.

Tree of 25 m. in height, of wide and dense crown that produces an excellent shade. The leaves are small, elliptical and green in colour and do not have any kind of hairs. Its fruits are tiny little clumps that are grouped in pairs. In older specimens aerial roots can develop from lower branches. Its roots are thick and strong so its cultivation is not recommended in areas near buildings or water pipes.

It grows rapidly and is disseminated by cuttings, its use being only ornamental. Used in gardening as an isolated tree and in linear plantations with space for its development. It is undemanding in soils although it prefers them fresh and deep. It doesn´t do well in the cold.

It is a species well adapted to the climate in Cadiz, where excellent specimens grow in the gardens of Genovés Park, Plaza de Mina, Alameda de Apodaca, Plaza de España, Paseo de Canalejas and Avda de San Severiano.

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