The rubber plant

Ficus elastica

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Ficus elástica, Rubber tree, Rubber Bush. From the Latin elasticus-a-um = elastic, in reference to the latex it produces, from which an elastic substance similar to rubber was obtained.

Native from the Himalayas to the Malayan Peninsula, Sumatra and Java.

Evergreen tree that grows in our latitudes and in the best conditions can reach 10-12 m in height, but in its places of origin reaches 50-60 m, with the radicular system somewhat superficial and widespread, emitting aerial roots if the humidity allows it.

Single stipule, reddish in colour, 10-15 cm long, covering the terminal buds. Leaves are arranged spirally, oblong to elliptical, about 30 (-45) x 15 cm, with the apex usually acuminate or apiculate and the base rounded. Its texture is thick and elastic and its surface is glabrous and bright green.

Axillary fruits, sessile, usually in pairs, oblong, angular, glabrous, green with dark spots, about 1 cm in diameter. They reproduce easily by cutting. It is one of the most popular Ficus´ used as an indoor plant.

This specimen was transplanted from the Plaza de la Constitución, in Cadiz, where it lived until 2008.

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