Fiddle-leaf Fig

This species is native to tropical Africa, and it is rare to find it in the Peninsula; it needs a climate that resembles the subtropical one.

Ficus is the old name of the fig tree, and Lyrata refers to the lyre shape of its leaves.

An evergreen tree up to 20 m in height, with a dense and rounded crown, without aerial roots. The trunk has a greyish bark, smooth at first, which becomes somewhat rough over the years. Panduriform leaves which are large, but get narrow just under halfway and the margin is entire and wavy and has a rounded or truncated apex. They have a leathery, rigid texture which are glabrous on both surfaces, dark green in colour but bright in the midrib and more clear and matte on the back. The vein is prominent on the underside, with 4-6 pairs of lateral veins that have some appressed hairs.