The Queen Palm

This palm has a smooth trunk and clearly ringed and a greyish colour. Its leaves are pinnate, measuring more than 4 m in length, with leaflets less than 3 cm wide, long, smooth and hanging from the centre, and a light bluish green on both sides. The flowers appear between the lower leaves and hang, reaching 1 m long, with small cream-coloured flowers. The fruits are yellowish and spiky, somewhat reminding us of miniature coconuts.

It is undemanding in terms of soil it needs in order to grow. It prefers sunny situations and is resistant against the proximity of the sea. It has a relatively fast growth. It is widely used in subtropical zones for group formation or as an isolated palm tree as well as for linear plantings in streets and avenues. It is disseminated by seeds.

There are few specimens in Cadiz highlighting its age and size. You can find one in the courtyard of the convent of San Francisco and you can find examples that have recently been planted in Cuesta de las Calesas, Av. Ramón de Carranza, Parque Genovés, Plaza de Asdrúbal y Jardín de Varela.