Arizona Cypress

Cupressus arizonica, the Cypress of Arizona, is a medium-sized tree of the Cupressaceae family, native of southwestern North America, in the southern United States of America and northern Mexico. In the wild it is found in small, scattered woods, not in large forests.


Cupressus is the Latin name of the cypress tree that according to some authors comes from “Cyprus, where it is native and grows wild.

Arizonica: geographical epithet that refers to its location in Arizona.

It is a perennial tree of medium size with a conical crown and can reach 10-25 metres in height. The trunk can reach 50 cm in diameter with grey-green or blue-green foliage. It has a smooth reddish-brown bark from which vertical leaves hang. It has greenish-grey leaves, which are squared or imbricated with the apex raised. They have resinous glands on the back. It has woody strobili with 6-8 mucronate scales which are greenish-brown in youth and brown when reached full maturity.